Package and distribution

After Parchment coffee is well dried then is ready for storage in yute sacks, then go to threshing plants where a hulling machine removes the parchment shell passing also by a size classification and also color flaws and imperfections are taken apart, in Colombia the process of selection is done mechanically but also by hand

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coffee cherries

Harvesting and Selection

Twice a day pickers go up or down the hill on the  way to the weighing facility at the farm, each sack of cherries weights approximately 80 kgs, Pickers rotate among the trees every 10 days to get more cherries at the peak of ripeness, this type of work is more costly since we are looking

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Colombia Coffee Farms

Ground and Crops

We start from Seedbeds where  Coffee is grown from  fresh selected seeds in different varieties from plants with good productivity with  low or no incidence of rust and good cup quality, Coffee seed that is used for planting is actually parchment where the parchment hull still in place. ​During the Nursery step It takes 3  months to get

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