Specialty Coffee – Fanny Torres – Subscription

Caturra variety , Farmer Fanny Torres

Profile in cup: This CATURRA variety in washed process has juicy body, great flavor with notes to caramel, vanilla, sweet and aromatic with a hint of lemongrass. All characteristics mentioned are by nature due the type of soil in our region, altitude, type of process among other facts.


Huila Farms’ gourmet coffee is known for its exceptional quality, cultivated in mountainous terrain at an optimal altitude to enhance its flavor and aroma. This medium roast variety boasts a gentle but distinct profile, with hints of chocolate, nuts, and citrus. It is characterized by its bright acidity and smooth, velvety texture, and grown sustainably to promote conservation of the environment.


Weight N/A

125 GMS, 250 GMS, 452 GMS, 500 GMS

Type of roast

Medium-high, Medium-medium

How would you like it?

Bean, Drip grind, Espresso grind


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