Specialty Coffee – Gabriel Ordoñez Subscription

Ombligon, Farmer Gabiel Ordonez

Profile in cup: In this OMBLIGON variety we find a creamy and juicy body with citrus, fruity notes such as lime, green apple and very fresh after taste. All characteristics mentioned are by nature due the type of soil in our region, altitude, type of process among other facts.


Hailing from Huila farms, this gourmet coffee is a premium blend grown in steep, mountainous landscapes at just the right altitude to bring out its rich flavor and aroma.
With a medium roast level, it has a mild yet exquisite taste, with subtle notes of chocolate, nuttiness, and citrus.
Its acidity is uncompromisingly vibrant, yet it has a luxurious, silky mouthfeel. Grown using eco-friendly practices, it embodies responsible and sustainable farming.


Weight N/A

125 GMS, 250 GMS, 452 GMS, 500 GMS

Type of roast

Medium-high, Medium-medium

How would you like it?

Bean, Drip grind, Espresso grind


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