Specialty Coffee – Julian Guevara Subscription

Pacamara, Farmer Julian Guevara

Profile in cup: In this PACAMARA variety with this washed process we have a medium body coffee with fruity notes , citric, lime, cane sugar, berries and a hint of chocolate. All characteristics mentioned are by nature due the type of soil in our region, altitude, type of process among other facts.


This specialty Colombian coffee from the Huila region is a true gem for coffee lovers. With a score of over 80 points on the quality scale, this coffee is characterized by its distinctive flavor, with fruity and floral notes that blend harmoniously with a delicate touch of chocolate. Its beans, grown at optimal altitudes and handpicked, are carefully processed to ensure maximum quality. This medium-bodied coffee with balanced acidity offers an exceptional sensory experience in every cup, with a long and satisfying aftertaste. A true delight for coffee connoisseurs!”

Weight N/A

125 GMS, 250 GMS, 452 GMS, 500 GMS

Type of roast

Medium-high, Medium-medium

How would you like it?

Bean, Drip grind, Espresso grind


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