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Colombian specialty coffee of the highest quality


Coffee Farmers

We are located in Huila-Colombia south west part of the country growing Specialty coffees mainly for the International Market. Huila is a well-known region around the world in the specialty coffee industry for its coffees, being one of the largest coffee-producing regions in Colombia with altitudes between 1200 masl and 1800 masl with different varieties out of the Arabica bean same as different varieties and processes such as Natural, Honey and wash, semi-wash, anaerobic, lactic.

San Franciscan Roaster


We focus in only one thing: high quality COFFEE, for that reason we spend our time growing fine quality beans, processing them carefully to bring out the most exquisite characteristics in the cup, lovingly roasting coffee for our customers and helping them to find the right tools to brew to perfection.

There is ETHIC in our COFFEE , all our coffee come direct from our family farms and each coffee bag you buy contributes to improve conditions in our community regarding health, education and training our new generations.

As roasters we enjoy being in touch with the end users or coffee lovers who are willing to  have a great sensory experience thru a good cup of coffee for that reason we avoid any kind of brokerage in our coffees coming to the US, going to Europe or Asia. Roasters and coffee lovers deal direct with  farmers  and it gives us the opportunity to  get fair prices for our specialty coffees.

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Coffee Cuppers

Quality in our coffees is the most important thing then we perform cupping for each lot produced to guarantee the quality to our customers around the world.

Huila coffees normally have massive body and a heavy syrupy texture, strong fruitiness and occasional tropical notes, coffees can be bold, nutty, chocolaty and citric, with sweet caramel notes and have medium to high acidity.

Coffee Exporters


We perform exports to USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia, it is always our main goal to practice DIRECT Trade and FAIR Trade.

We negotiate with coffee roasters around the world not only providing excellent coffees and full traceability for each one of our coffees but also getting them to know the characters in the coffee production and all work involved to have a good specialty coffee out of each farm.