Ground and Crops

We start from Seedbeds where  Coffee is grown from  fresh selected seeds in different varieties from plants with good productivity with  low or no incidence of rust and good cup quality, Coffee seed that is used for planting is actually parchment where the parchment hull still in place.

​During the Nursery step It takes 3  months to get the “chapola”  ready to be transferred to a poly  bag , it needs to be well followed during the next 5 months  to be transplanted to the soil and  it takes 2 years to produce the first harvest.

​We wait for Coffee trees ready to be harvested with a bright red and ripe cherries for specialty coffees, we work our coffees in washed, honey and natural processes, each one of them develops a different cup profile, then Coffee farmer instructs pickers to pick only red and ripe cherries  and assign areas for picking depending on ripeness level. The crop is picked by hand in a intensive labor and difficult process due the high and inclination of the mountains.

​ Pickers -women & man- normally start working at 6 am to 6 pm  rain or shine with an hour lunch time at the farm. Picking mature cherries need more dedication  from the pickers getting less amount in kilos but more income when it is picked for specialty coffees, when cherries are picked for inexpensive coffees amount in kilos  is higher but income is lower for pickers and farmers.